In her quick-witted, entertaining style, Nancy packs every speech with humor, how-to’s, wisdom, and funny personal stories that send a powerful message.

Choose from a variety of ready-to-go programs, or ask Nancy to create a custom program designed just for your group.


“Nancy captures your attention and makes you laugh while imparting a meaningful message. She is terrific.” – Reid Abell, Active Retired


A custom training expert with over 25 years of real-world business experience, Nancy KNOWS what it takes to improve both individual and organizational performance.

She can help you design engaging interactive online or traditional training programs that bring your corporate culture to life, leverage the talent of your people and get results!


“Nancy has a unique insight into how people learn and the best way to deliver content to learners. Add to that the high degree of professionalism, and you have a combination that really meets the needs of a business looking for effective learning!”

Whatever service you choose, you can count on Nancy to deliver! Check out this impressive client list for a list of companies that have hired Nancy to transform their audiences.